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Why ProTot Sports?

  • Until recently, sport generally played a secondary role to academic development. In recent years there have been numerous reports published by Government, Sports Authorities, and the British Medical Authority regarding the obvious physical underdevelopment of children and the considerable health risks in later life that the lack of sport in the younger years causes


  • We believe that introducing a wide variety of technically specific sports, to children at a young age, will help develop and sustain a sporting and physical interest, which we hope will become inherent in them throughout life


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  • More opportunity for young children to participate in our wide variety of sports and games will give them the best chance to potentially find a sport they love, or are particularly good at and want to progress further with as they grow up


  • Children, who are not naturally well co-ordinated, balanced, and/or lack cooperative social skills etc. may struggle with a number of things in their day to day life. For example, children who are not well balanced may have more difficulty with writing; if a child is not particularly capable of judging moving objects in relation to their own physical being, they may struggle with crossing the road and/or riding a bicycle. The list is endless


  • We believe that the focused development of both sides of the body, physically, will give an immense advantage for the children, as in many cases their predominance will not be evident until a little later on in life


  • ProTot Sports enhances the need for cooperative social skills, which tend to have a knock on effect in the classroom and life. Children who do not participate in sport can often be tense, not relaxed and can have a tendency to be frustrated and potentially ‘hyperactive’. Sport as a whole tends to channel pent up emotions positively and is a great way of calming children naturally, as well as providing for their general well being


So with ProTot Sports providing a wide spectrum of sports, games, development and fun, we hope to not only produce more future sport stars, but happier and healthier people.                                                                         


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