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PTS Session Guidelines



Thank you for choosing ProTot Sports. We look forward to working with you and your children to achieve great results. To ensure that all sessions are as enjoyable and as safe as possible, we ask staff and/or parents to familiarise themselves with the following guidelines:



  • Please be advised that the maximum amount of children per session is 16 (nursery sessions only - for other session formats numbers vary/are higher) and it is encouraged strongly that these children are of similar age and ability, per session


  • Please advise the coach prior to the session if any children have injuries or medical conditions of any kind


  • Please help us to ensure that the ProTot Sports session run to the correct timings by having the children ready and waiting in the appropriate environment prior to the start of the session


  • Please remember that you hold a responsibility for the children at all times throughout the session (e.g. if one child wanders off during a session, it is the responsibility of a member of staff to control the situation, while the coach continues with the other children along with the other staff necessary, dependant on ratio)


  • Please make sure the environment (indoors or outdoors) is clear and safe and that any obstructive items are away from the playing area at all times during the session


  • Developing great sporting skills and having fun can be tiring so we kindly ask staff to have drinks available for the children, where possible. This will help to ensure they remain hydrated and comfortable throughout and after the session


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