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The ProTot Sports concept

ProTot Sports (PTS) is designed to develop and enhance;


  • Technical skill and education across sports (Football, Rugby, Hockey, Cricket, Tennis, Basketball and Athletics)

  • Body strength

  • Body awareness

  • Mobility

  • Control

  • Coordination (E.g. Hand/Eye - Feet/Eye - Head/Eye - and all combinations thereof)

  • Motor skills

  • Confidence

  • Physical manipulation skills (Of a wide range of sports equipment)

  • Social skills

  • Balance

  • Spatial/physical awareness skills in indoor & outdoor environments

The programme activities are predominantly based around the wide variety of ball sports we promote (naturally geared to the individual child’s level) and are a superb teaching aid to enhance and develop the technical, physical and psychological skills mentioned.

The advantages of basing our programme around ball orientation are:-


  • Structured and varied progressions (and regressions if necessary) of technical and physical skills in sport, provide continual and positive stimulation of the child psychologically


  • Children get the opportunity to learn how to work with their peers to achieve a common goal (Pairs/Small Groups/Teams), developing the concept of sharing and cooperative social skills


  • Helping the children to develop their ability and feel confident in using both sides of their body, such as both feet to kick, both hands to throw and receive(this will not interfere with the child’s predominant side, should they have one)


  • Constantly assisting the children to re-balance themselves as their centre of gravity changes through growth spurts every 6-9 months (children can become clumsy and frustrated when they suddenly grow - largely due to their centre of gravity having moved and a need to adjust to it psychologically)


  • Using observation of similarities and differences, scientific process, mathematical language, and naturally developing ideas, means children are able to develop awareness of stationary objects around them by;

  1. Using various sports/ball games and teaching systems, they can judge time, speed, distance and direction, both moving away from and towards them, recognising features of the made world. More importantly it assists in their tracking capabilities, generally

  2. With that foundation in place, the ability to develop specific sporting technical skills and strengths is increased dramatically


  • The equipment used and the program content are so diverse that the children should always feel they are playing well and having fun, which assists them in their absorbing of  information and acquiring the skills completely subconsciously. This will help them to develop greater concentration capabilities, which in turn should also contribute to their academic work


  • The programme variety allows the coach to ensure the sessions are always challenging and there are regularly new levels to reach and goals to achieve, but the children’s enjoyment is equally important as they enjoy success and building upon that success


  • Sessions will also include acceptable levels of competitiveness, whilst also celebrating participation and effort equally


  • Our own trained personnel, all of them whom are professionally qualified Sports Teachers/Coaches, always conduct the sessions

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