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PTS After School Club - Terms and Conditions - Standard Format


Please note: Timings referenced in this document are an example and will be adapted to suit each school setting.


Registration, attendance and collection


On arrival a PTS Register will be taken to check attendance.


If for any reason your child is not going to be at the PTS After School Club on an arranged day, please inform ProTot Sports directly via email or phone.


To collect your child you will need to come to the area designated by the school for pick-ups (usually school office area, playground or hall).


Your child is only permitted to leave the setting with a ‘named contact’ (as disclosed by you on your PTS After School Club Joining Form). If an unauthorised person arrives to collect your child, they will not be permitted to leave until we have made contact with you or one of the ‘named contacts’. No child under the age of 16 is permitted to collect your child unless we have written permission from you, the parents/guardians.


Your child must be collected by 4.30pm (latest) when the PTS After School Club finishes (4:15pm). A late collection fee of £5 will be payable if your child is collected after 4.30pm and before 4.45pm. After that time the cost will be £10 for every 15 minutes, or part thereof.

These charges reflect the costs incurred to keep the setting open and staff to care for the children. This charge will apply even if a phone call notifying the club of late arrival has been made. Persistent lateness may result in your child losing their place at the PTS After School Club. Persistent lateness is deemed as three times during a half-term.


If you have not made any contact with the PTS After School Club and your child is not collected within half an hour of finishing, e.g. 4.45pm, then the PTS After School Club is required to contact the relevant authority, i.e. Children’s Services and Police.


Change of Sessions


If, at any stage, you intend to give up your child’s place at PTS After School Club, we require two-weeks notice and confirmation of the date of the change in writing. Please note that the two-week notice will take effect from receipt of the letter and not the date of the letter. Please also be aware that once we have received your letter we will offer the place to other children on our waiting list.



Non-payment of fees will result in your child losing their place in the PTS After School Club. Fees are invoiced in advance on a monthly basis and must be paid by the due date on the invoice (usually the day prior to the first session of the month).

Reminders will be sent out initially as protocol, but if this is a regular occurrence then your place could be lost.


Policies and Procedures


The PTS After School Club is run by ProTot Sports Ltd. To ensure the safety, protection and provide the best possible care for your child, ProTot Sports will adhere to all policies and procedures of the setting in which the after-school club takes place.




  • All children will be escorted to the PTS After School Club by school staff, or collected by PTS staff from classrooms (dependant on setting preference)

  • Our PTS After School Club provides care for pupils from Reception to Year 3.

  • Only pupils attending the school in question will be considered for places

  • We operate a waiting list policy for children wishing to join the club once it is full (initial limit of 20 per club – could increase to 30 dependent on setting circumstances)

  • If your child’s behaviour is disruptive to the general well-being of other children in our care, your child may be asked to leave the PTS After School Club

  • All clothing should be comfortable for your child to participate in sports

  • It is recommended that children do not bring personal belongings to the club, e.g. toys, electronic games. The club will not accept liability for any loss or damage to such items

  • Please complete your PTS After School Club ‘Joining Form’ and return to ProTot Sports. You will receive a confirmation email of your inclusion, which will include key information. If the PTS After School Club is full, then you will receive communication from ProTot Sports notifying you that you have been placed on our waiting list

  • In the event of any session cancellations by ProTot Sports (illness or Annual Leave - for example), your session will not be charged and if already paid in advance via invoice, will be credited back



Tel: 01444 450187

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