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About Us/PTS Information

Current Head Coach, Michael, founded ProTot Sports Ltd. in 2016, along with a small team of staff, and has over 15 years experience in sports development, football coaching, class instruction of all ages and personal training. Michael is a UEFA level qualified coach and also holds a qualification in Child Psychology.


Coach Michael has played football at a Semi-Professional level for over 20 years, including experience playing abroad in Australia, and has played tennis, squash, basketball and golf at a competitive level.


His passion and love for sport is what drives ProTot Sports and a childhood spent playing a variety of different sports, has created a desire to provide learning opportunities to children who may not have, or have had the same type of exposure. And even the children that have! His aim is to bring this access to as many children as possible, thus providing them with the opportunity to participate, develop and potentially progress in a range of sports.


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